February 15, 2017
1930 have prayed


That all those who are afflicted, especially the poor, refugees, and marginalized, may find welcome and comfort in our communities.


God, our Father and Father of all,
In reading the Gospel,
our attention is drawn to Jesus’ preference for the little ones,
the poor, the sick,
those who are placed on the margins of society.
He stated, even in the midst of misunderstandings,
the nearness of your mercy,
healing, forgiveness,
calling each to make a new part of the community.
In these times when so many poor and marginalized
people in search of a better life knock at our doors,
pass in our streets,
we ask that we not have a hardened and indifferent heart
to their needs.
The Christian community must be the first place of welcome.
Give us, Lord, the grace and courage to welcome all, like Jesus.

Challenges for the month

  • At a time when there are so many fears and resistance to the reception of refugees in our country, seek to distance oneself from the propaganda that it excludes and to gain more awareness of the human dramas that are behind these forced migrations.
  • Accept or collaborate with institutions that host refugees or work with the marginalized of society.
  • When crossing with a poor and marginalized in the street, do not avoid or look away, but be able to see in him or her a child of God and a brother or sister.
February 2017